VX-1 Stock Charger

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VX-1 Stock Charger

Is there a way to slow down charging on an old 2007 VX-1? I feel charging at a 110 MPH is too fast. After an hour of charging, my Bat light is on. Always did that but I some what feel if a pack can be kept "cool", it will last longer. I only can compare it to model RC cars. When I charge an RC battery fast and furiously the packs live for a year. But the ones I charged on slow charger are still around after 5 years.

I unplugged my "HOT" pack after an hour and thought I'd let it cool down. After thinking, having a Dual pack that hot, I better rethink or think of what might happen. Good thing I did. Temperature some how went real REAL high. Luckily it started to cool down and charger said too HOT. Then it went to sleep and came back to life with no charger. Just fans running. Just like after 3 hours of charging at 11 Amperes and cool down mode and finish charge.

So is it a software thing to set charging at 50 MPH for six hours? It is still 30 Amp hours charge rate. 5 A x 6 Hrs = 30 AH

My pack is considered dead and I am sure I have a few shorted cells / modules but it does OK for me till I get a new scoot. I am not going to think about buying , even buy Lithium for an antique bike. I'd need Lithium first.

If I can slow down charging, I think I might make "my VX-1" last a few more years. I charge only with high test. 208/240 volt into stock charger.

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Re: VX-1 Stock Charger

I assume you mean a *Vectrix* VX-1?

If so, the most obvious answer would be to install the Laird's software (or someone else's) which reduces the charge current from an 'indicated' 110mph (actually 11A) to about 70mph (or 7A).


Regards, Martin Winlow
Isle of Colonsay, Scotland

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