3 Zapino Scooters rolling chassis FOR SALE $300

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3 Zapino Scooters rolling chassis FOR SALE $300

Who is still running their Zapino??
I have three ZAP Zapino rolling chassis' for sale. Complete with hub motor,
2 controllers, (I stole the controller from one of them to replace mine),
brakes, DC-DC converter, instrument cluster, wheels, tires..The only one I
have keys to, ran when parked, but has a warped rear brake rotor.. Of the
batteries that remain, pretty sure they're all dead by now.
They are 98% complete, missing most plastics and one controller. Slightly
weathered. Speedo lenses yellowed. All three for $300.00 or Best offer
Also, I have top-boxes with keys, NOS seats available at additional cost.
Pick up only.


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1 used Zapino w/dead batteries

I've got 1 used Zapino, red, in great shape. Batteries are dead. I had an intermittent problem where maybe 20% of the time when I started driving it, it would have low acceleration. I could fix this by getting off, opening the seat, turning the breaker off for a few seconds. Can anybody use this? It's taking up room in my garage in Rhode Island USA. I'm willing to donate it for parts or whatever.

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