Goodbye everyone - I'm moving...

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Goodbye everyone - I'm moving...


To whom it may concern I'm going to leave this forum. I've not received any reasonable input from the person who I believe is behind most of my concerns with this site. If he's not interested in listening to criticism, or responding to me then that's his choice.

So, instead I'll just leave. That appears to be my best choice.

I'd rather stay - this board is very active and the two forums of most interest to me are the one on Batteries and Chargers and the one on Motorcycles and Large Scooters. Both these sources have taught me some valuable stuff. I hope I've been able to make some worthwhile contributions.

I'll likely stay active on the few bike and battery related topics still going on. But all my new posts will most likely be on this other forum. I'm not burning any bridges! If that place doesn't have as high quality input then I'll be back.

Most everyone on this forum has been great. Unfortunately it's that one individual who seems to taint the whole experience for me (alas if I could just ignore him!). I believe you know who you are and I'd discuss this more with you if it appeared you had any interest in a worthwhile dialog.

So, my account will remain active and anyone can feel free to contact me - but use the e-mail rather than PM because I'm going to start being here a lot, lot, less. I do hope to encourage folks that I respect on this board to start posting on the board I'm going to because of course I'd like to still have access to their smarts that they've shown.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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Re: Goodbye everyone - I'm moving...

That's too bad. But I totally understand. You know, we should do just as "He Who Must Not Be Named" does and create multiple logons and randomly bash things from behind the different masks. That's what he's doing. If it's good for him, then it's good for us too.

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