Electric hub wheelbarrow.

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Electric hub wheelbarrow.

Wasn't sure where to post this....also have this under "motors and drives"
Any info on what battery set up for my powered wheelbarrow would be appreciated.
It needs to be low speed with high torque and a good run time.
I have a 48v/800watt motor and controller that was marketed as a power cart or wheelbarrow kit from NuSun Inc. and looking to buy the batteries now. Do I need all 4 batteries or can it run on 24 or 36 volts? Looking to save weight and space.
What amp hr packs would be the best for my project and how does changing the voltage and/or AH effect the performance?
I need reverse on this, can these motors be reverse simply by switching the polarity from the battery to the controller or do these controllers need a certain polarity going into them? Or is there a better way to add reverse? (without a gearbox)
Are these gel cell batteries as sensitive as I've herd as in keeping them fully charged and not letting them go below 20%? If so how can I monitor this and prevent that from happening, simply by adding some kind of volt meter or is there a devise that I can install to shut the unit down when the batteries are to low?
Can I use a different type of battery pack? or for safety, will gel cells be the best?
Thanks in advance for any help or advise I can get.

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Re: Electric hub wheelbarrow.

A POWERED WHEEL BARROW? Is the controller and motor brush or brushless? Some controllers can spin backwards but make strange noises too. Brushed motors run backwards OK. Controllers work best at full voltage. a lot of controllers are programmed to not run at low voltages to protect battery pack. So my 48 volt controller did not work on 36 but worked some what on 60 volts. I had to turn on headlights for a minute or so in order to get below 65 volts before controller would turn on. Also is wheel barrow one or two wheel? Even though my scooter is 3000 watt it barely gets up a steep hill. So carrying a load of concrete in a wheel barrow might just take all of any battery pack can give? If there was a motor that had internal gearing that would help in a slow motion project. The reversing of a brushed motor requires reversing motor windings ans AC motor any of three wires unless there are Hall effect sensors on all of the phases. As far a battery capacity maybe for a 4 hour work load I guess 15 to 20 amp hour? Then replace pack or fast charge at 15 amperes. I thinx a wheel barrow would require a really geared down motor not a scooter motor. But I never did the task of making such an animal I did a rotor tiller and killed the batteries in 20 minutes.


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