E-16 and E-20

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E-16 and E-20

I have an antique E-16 that is rotted out big time. I welded a bed frame on right rear axle to hold what is left of battery box. I expect I can get maybe 6 or 7 more months of use plowing snow but that is about it. I was thinking of converting a old Cub Cadet or something to Electric. What would be the best frame to use and use maybe 6 to 12 volt Gel Cell type Optima Blue tops or 29 Series Marine. I'd Like an electric or Hydraulic lift and a blade for snow and be able to use E-20 Snow thrower or make adapter for snow thrower. I have already converted electrics to SS controllers. The big savings is Armature reversing relay which in neutral position shorts armature. Dynamic breaking! I saw so many pictures on the web of some nice tractors but don't know the brand names and how to get started. A new battery box is a buck and a half or so plus maybe the top seat portion and on and on. The front is rotted out too. New tires and wheels and electrics but any metal is rusted too thin. I wrapped wire and turn buckle to tighten motor for belts are slipping too and a matched pair is rather expensive. Along with floor pan rotted out but torque is Immense though with Curtis 1205 and new 48 volt pack on 36 volt motor shunt wound.
A larger wheel base would be nice also and bigger tires and wheels. I do love and electric tractor but no one makes them any more. So I have to do a conversion and has any one converted on that was GAS or DIESEL? to an electric.

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