Need help with YK48-3 Wiring (Ignition/fwd/Rev)

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Need help with YK48-3 Wiring (Ignition/fwd/Rev)

I'm replacing my burned up controller and the mfr doesn't make the new one any longer. I'm screwing in the YK48-3 36V 500W controller. I need to understand a bit more about the ignition/fwd/rev controls. Here is what I know (taken from brief product spec):

- Ignition/Fwd/Rev function controlled by three wires- B, Y, R
- blue and yellow connected together = ON FWD
- blue and yellow and red connected together = ON REV

I'm trying to figure out the simplest toggle switch configuration that works (I'd rather not use relays).

My first proposal:

- one SPST connecting blue and yellow (call it ON/OFF)
- a second SPST connecting yellow and red (call it FWD/REV)

When FWD/REV is open, closing ON/OFF makes forward direction. Opening ON/OFF turns off ignition. When FWD/REV is closed, closing ON/OFF makes reverse direction. Opening ON/OFF turns off ignition. All sounds good, but...

Question, is this scenario OK:

- close FWD/REV to put the motors in reverse mode (now Y&R are connected, B is floating)
- close ON/OFF to start ignition (now B&Y&R are connected)
- engage throttle to start motors in reverse direction
- disengage throttle to stop motors
- open ON/OFF to turn off ignition (now Y&R are connected)
- wait a long period of time

In this scenario, yellow and red are still connected but blue is floating. I'm pretty sure that the motors will not move in this situation. But, I'm not sure if it is legal to keep yellow and red connected. Will that hurt the controller some how? When off, do all three wires have to be disconnected from eachother? I hope that I don't have to force all three wires to float because that will cause me to use a little more complex switch configuration and I think that the already installed ON/OFF and FWD/REV switches are only SPST. Again, I would rather not use relays but I guess I will if I have to.

I guess I'll throw in this question also, can anyone help fill this truth table out:

1. All three disconnected = Ignition off (almost certainly a valid state although not explicitly called out in the product spec)
2. B & Y connected = FWD, ON (according to specs)
3. B & Y & R connected = REV, ON (according to specs)
4. Y & R connected = ??? (same question as above, what function and, if essentially OFF, will this hurt the controller?)
5. B & R connected = ??? (new question, what function and, if essentially OFF, will this hurt the controller?)

Thanks you guy, I'd appreciate any help you can be.

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Re: Need help with YK48-3 Wiring (Ignition/fwd/Rev)

You dont need Relays - its only a small voltage/current (Most likely 5v coming out on the yellow) and being detected on the Red and Blue

Put a simple On/Off switch as a breaker between the Yellow wire and the Blue wire

Then a simple On/OFF switch that will determine FWD/REV on that Red wire that can attach anywhere into the Yellow->Blue loop

To answer your truth table puzzle

Y&R connected should give OFF (i.e Reverse but not ON)
B&R connected would give off (as neither will carry a voltage)

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Re: Need help with YK48-3 Wiring (Ignition/fwd/Rev)

Thanks colin9876, good information. In fact, you caused my to reconsider something. I had assumed that the blue wire had the constant voltage on it but, by the specifications, it could just as easily be the yellow one like you mentioned. I'll try to measure that when I get the controller to know for sure. Otherwise, I'll swap B and Y in my circuit description to match your suggestion.

If anybody out there can confirm whether the Blue or Yellow has the constant voltage (5V or otherwise), please let me know.

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