24 volt batteries for old EV Global eBike?

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24 volt batteries for old EV Global eBike?

Hi All,
super newbie here with a first post. I just got (for free) an old 24 volt EV Global eBike in fantastic condition. Almost looks unridden. It has everything but the batteries and charger box. I found several posts (several years old) regarding folks super charging this bikes into 36 or even 48 volt ranges. I'm not looking for that sort of rebuild. I am simply trying to get it working again as cheaply as possible as a little project. I don't know if the rest of the control system is functional (it is physically present). I'd like to test the bike out to see if it is functional, and then get some cheap batteries w/charger to just try it out.

So, I'm hoping some of you experts might take some pity on a new guy and give me some suggestions! I found a forum post about using these cheap 12v,12A batteries at http://www.batteriesasap.com/658.html Are these reasonable? Any other cheap ideas?

I really appreciate any help you all can offer!!!


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