Balqon to become exclusive US distributor of thundersky cells

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Balqon to become exclusive US distributor of thundersky cells

Balqon is a maker of electric big rigs (aka class 8 trucks) that primarily are useful for local use around ports and inside cities.

A few days ago they filed an 8-K form with the SEC disclosing shares being purchased by some people in China, appointment of a new member to their board of directors, and oh by the way that Balqon would become the exclusive distributor for Thundersky cells in the US


Specifically: "Under the terms of the Distribution Agreement, the Purchaser appointed the Company as its exclusive authorized distributor for the promotion, marketing and sale of lithium iron phosphate batteries and high voltage charging systems (the "Products") manufactured by Winston Battery Limited (formerly known as Thunder Sky Battery Limited), an affiliate of the Purchaser, in the United States. Winston Battery Limited has granted the Purchaser an exclusive worldwide right to distribute the Products."

This will mean some kinda change in who/where we buy large format lithium cells. Unknown just what.

FWIW The people at Balqon are not unfamiliar with the do-it-yourself EV niche that we occupy. One of Balqon's senior people has been working with Richard Hatfield (Lightning Motors) on their race bike. It's possible that Balqon will decide to sell to individuals, or to be a middleman for the existing dealers, who knows.

Here's a few articles I've written about Balqon in case y'all want to know about them:

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