ETRA prepares proposal to suit review type-approval to electric cycles and light electric vehicles

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Maybe one of our European members know about this or might want to look into it.

ETRA prepares proposal to suit review type-approval to electric cycles and light electric vehicles

On 4 October, the European Commission has proposed a draft Regulation for the review of the type-approval for two- and three-wheel motor vehicles.

The draft text also concerns electric cycles and light electric vehicles, but does not offer a good solution for these vehicles. In fact, the Commission's proposal creates even more confusion than the current legislation. Among the available downloads under this article are ETRA's comments on the Commission's impact proposal plus an Annex which explain the problems caused by the proposal.

The draft text is now in the European Parliament. In a recent meeting, Rapporteur Wim Van De Camp gave ETRA the opportunity to explain in detail why the Commission’s proposal is not well adapted to electric cycles and light electric vehicles. Mr Van de Camp subsequently invited ETRA to develop a comprehensive proposal aimed at improving the Commission's draft for electric cycles and light electric vehicles.

ETRA has now submitted a first version to its effective and associated members, which is also among the available downloads under this article. The members have until 6 January to send in comments and further input. In a telephone conference on 6 January, ETRA will give its members further clarification and reply to all their questions.

Interested companies who want to participate in the debate and/or who want to be kept fully informed on this issue are invited to join ETRA as associated member. Full details on associated membership can be found here:

ETRA is expected to submit the proposal to Mr Van De Camp on 10 January. The draft text is based on two main principles:

  1. exclusion of all cycles with pedal assistance up to 25 km/h in order to allow CEN to amend EN 15194, the current EPAC standard. This would exempt these vehicles from the type-approval procedure and they would be classified as bicycles. As a result, they could be used without helmets, drivers’ licence, insurance, …
  2. As for the pedal assisted cycles up to 45 km/h, cycles that can be propelled by the motor itself and all other light electric vehicles (except the one excluded by article 2 of the proposal), they would still be subject to type-approval but the procedure would be adapted to these vehicles, so that unnecessary requirements would not apply.

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