Gelato speed solution Thanks

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Gelato speed solution Thanks

All you 'little scooter' folks. - Thank you SO MUCH for your various discussions.
You helped me out considerably with my 'new' (used) recently bought Gelato. -
Somewhere, sometime, someone mentioned 'gray wires' and speed. - I copied the info
but not the source. (Darn it ! - I know you're out there.)

I had run the notor off of the charger power supply (with no batteries) - very gently,
because i did not know what that might do to the charger. - Since it ran fine, at very
low speed, i got my batteries (you know that story and expense). - Took it out and 'ran it'
(at the amazing speed of 7 mph). - (Brand new, fully charged batteries, no less !)

I stared at that unmarked controller box forever. - There were those two little gray wires
coming out of the side, going NOWHERE but to each other, as a jumper' of some kind.

Maybe that jumper bypasses an internal amplifier stage in the circuit ? - That is a possibility.

So, with fear and trembling, a destroyed controller looming before me, i disconnected the
two gray 'jumper' wires from each other and taped the connectors so they couldn't short out
on something. - They hung there, separately, floating in space. - Then, "ON" goes the
ignition switch. (O.K. - no fire or smoke. Great !) - Then, gently, very gently, on the throttle.
Ease it on. THE MOTOR TURNS ! - Still, no fire or smoke ! -

Then, more throttle - - - more throttle - - - easy. - NO PROBLEM ! -

21 mph (rear end in the air). - Quick ! - On the road ! - Same, same ! 21 mph !

Whizzing around (in my mind) at this marvelous (even for me) dangerous velocity.

THANK YOU (whoever said that) ! -

I don't know too much about how these forums, etc. work. - But i couldn't relate it to an
older appropriate topic. - (That would never be looked at again.) - So i just wanted my
Thanks out there. - Maybe it will help someone else at this later time. (?) -

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