disabling the speed limiter on my e+ 1000w electric beach cruiser

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disabling the speed limiter on my e+ 1000w electric beach cruiser

I just recently bought an E+ 1000w electric beach cruiser bike and I want to know how to remove the speed limiter...

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Re: disabling the speed limiter on my e+ 1000w electric ...

desire is the root of all suffering..........

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Re: disabling the speed limiter on my e+ 1000w electric ...

As far as I know E+ 1000W doesn`t haqve any speed limiter built in.
I have ordered my 1000W E+ kit from Vancouver and spoke to staff.
It accelerates until it reaches balance of motor power and rolling resistance wind resistance.
Max speed is reached when rolling resistance, wind resistance balances with motor power.
So max speed depends on many factors: wind, weight of rider, flat or slightly uphill, type of tires, lubrication of motor /best synhetic motor oil/, temperature outside for sure.
BTW you know that your NMH cells in hub battery will start getting weak in second year.
I own Tidal Force with very similar battery to E+ and Nickel battery lasted 3 seasons, 3-rd season with raidly deterioreting battery.
I babyed my TF battery almost never fully drained, conditioned them periodically.
My TF battery is long gone on 2005 Tidal Force, as I said very similar battery to E+.
And it had the best NMH cells money can buy from SAFT France.
Chemistry is chemistry no matter what protecion electronics BMS used, no matter what you do it will last max 500 cycles in my case around 5000km /10 km typical trips/.third season they were getting really weak - that on 500W restricted Canadian TF model. I cannot imagine NMH on 1000W, will last 2 years?
Crystallization in NMH cells kills them.
I would be surprised if your 1000W E+ reached 30m/hour in third year of use.
Simply as internal resistance of NMH cells increase bike's power drops and drops.
Manufacturer of E+ Electric Motion Systems refuses to introduce Universal Battery Connector on all E+ which would allow you to connect/power E+ on any 36V battery just like TF. It promised it and abandoned this.
They say lack of demand , it is BS.
My LiFePo on my TF reached over 10,000km!!! and still deliver 10Ah , bike still reaches max speed after 4 years. Try it with Nickel battery.
Rebuliding front hub batt is nonsense , cost of cells is min 500 dollars alone plus labour plus shipping.
Call 1-877 number of EMS and tell them when they are going to introduce Universal Batt Conn.
I am working on solution to this problem, how to connect any 36V to E+ so it will power up.
Ask me how I am going to do it, it is not easy, E+ must maintain communication NMH electronics-console.
You cannot just connect 36V like that.
As me how.


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