How to shift an E bike?

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How to shift an E bike?

Hello,being new here I hope its ok to ask a question.I have an e bike,1999 model 24v.How do I shift? The left "gear selector" does not turn to go from 7 to 0,so how do I get the chain to change and go to a bigger sprocket? All I get is a click once,when I try to turn the handle.I bought this from a charity auction.Is there a replacement charger if this one doesn't work,that will work in this bike,or even a seperate charger? Thanks alot!

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Re: How to shift an E bike?

Are you at all familiar with gear shifting on a bicycle?

It sounds like your problem might be that you need to be pedalling while shifting gears. You could also lift the rear wheel off the ground somehow, then turn the pedals by hand. The the gears will shift.

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