XM 3000 upgrade

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XM 3000 upgrade

I have a xm 3000 and want to upgrade to 72v. can anyone help?

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Re: XM 3000 upgrade

Buy a AGM battery of slightly greater amp hours than the batteries it came with. Be sure it can fit under your seat. You may have to re-arrange the batteries below- I had to turn the one on the top on its side. Buy a long battery cable, somewhere around 5ft should do. Then wire it like I showed in this diagram:

You should be warned though that it's possible to blow your controller if any one of your batteries get overcharged. That's what happened to me after one of my chargers failed. I ended up buying a kelly controller. Expensive mistake, but now the scooter is more peppy than ever. ;-)

-DC-DC converter replaced with a Dell D220P-01 power supply.
-72V mod
-Expensive bank charger until I come up with something better... Still trying.

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Re: XM 3000 upgrade

do you mean that you only add one 12V battery pack, and don't change the controler ?
do you know the limit voltage for the motor
( XM 3500LI 60V 40AH)

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