New 2011 Prodeco Technologies Electric Bicycle for Sale

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New 2011 Prodeco Technologies Electric Bicycle for Sale

List Price is $999

USA designed and built electric bike

I wanted to do something to help the environment and save money on gas so I found a wonderful product, I was so impressed I decided to become a factory dealer for Prodeco Technologies. They come with a 2 years part warranty, a 2000 charge cycle Lithium Ion battery and Promax disk brakes. They are made of aluminum, stainless steel , alloys and Shamano parts.

I started commuting with the Storm model this week. I am quite pleased with the handling, power and braking, everyone I show is amazed at the quality. At full throttle and high gear I hit 18 MPH on one of those portable radar units Coral Springs, FL uses to inform motorist of their speed.

2011 Storm Electric Bicycle

Manufacturer Description

The Storm is designed to be versatile, lightweight, portable and handle the rigors of daily abuse. The Storm is one of the most stunning electric bicycles ever seen in the ebike market. From the coarse titanium flake finish to the sand blasted black components, the look is unique to all others. Considered a Mountain style bike but with the benefit of a Power on Demand throttle electric system, she is at home on the trails or running around town. Built in the USA, ease of service, quick disconnects, 2000 charge cycle li-ion battery and a 2 year warranty throughout offers problem free riding. SUVs are no longer necessary to transport your bike, this beauty folds and only weight 46 lbs. Built to last with alloys, stainless steels and rust resistant components. Arriving fully assembled with only one stem bolt needing to be tightened, you will be up and riding in minutes.

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Frame: Folding Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum Alloy
Folding Lock: Patented 2 Stage Overlapped Locking EZ Adjust
Finish: Coarse Titanium w/ High Gloss 3D Clear Coat
Fork: Zoom Aluminum Alloy w/ Pre-Load Adjust
Motor: Prodeco 200W HO Brushless Mini w/ Disc Mount
Battery: Prodeco LiFEPO4 24V 9Ah EZ Remove
Power: Twist Throttle Control
Headset: CH Cartridge Bearing w/ Sealed Alloy Top
Stem: Promax 31.8mm Adjustable Aluminum Alloy
Handlebar: Promax Sand Blasted Straight Aluminum 31.8
Front Brake: Promax Disc 320 Bearing Caliper w/ SS Rotor
Rear Brake: Promax Disc 320 Bearing Caliper w/ SS Rotor
Brake Levers: Promax XL-86 Alloy Bracket & Lever
Cables: Stainless Steel in Lined Ti Finish Braided Housing
Crankset: Forged Aluminum 170 Arms w/ 44 x 3/32" CR
Chain Guard: Aluminum Alloy Sandblasted
Bottom Bracket: PT 100.5mm Sealed Bearing 68mm English
Pedals: Aluminum Alloy & Nylon Folding w/ Cr-mo Axles
Chain: KMC X8.93 Narrow 1/2" x 3/32"
Rear HUB: WR 135mm 36H Freebody w/ Quick Release Axle
Rear COG: Shimano HG 11-28 7 Speed Cassette
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Altus 7 Speed
Shifter: Shimano HG TX50 7 Speed Index
Rims: Stars 12G x 36H Triple Wall Aluminum Deep Dish
Spokes: Black Stainless Steel 12G & Solid Brass Nipples
Tires: Kenda Kontact 26” x 1.95”
Tubes: Kenda 26” X 1.95” 48mm Valve
Kick Stand: Center Mount All Aluminum Double Leg
Seat Post: Promax HD Machined Aluminum 27.2” x 350MM
Seat Post Bracket: Promax Double Barrel Bolt Infinite Adjust
Saddle: Prodeco Vented Comfort 10.25" x 6.25"
Reflectors: Cateye White Front & Wheels w/ Red Rear
Speed: 17 MPH
Range: 15 - 25 Miles
Charging Cycles: 2000 +
Charging Time: 3 - 4 Hours
Weight Limit: 220 LBS
Frame & Parts Warranty: 2 Years
Electronics Warranty: 2 Years
Weight: 46 LBS
Patented Aluminum Folding Frames - Fabricated from aircraft grade aluminum, the G Plus Storm’s frame is designed for strength, portability, comfort, quality and longevity while maintaining a unique style. An overlapping Heavy Duty adjustable folding mechanism with an integrated safety latch assures the easy 15 second fold while offering the strength of a rigid frame.
Ships Assembled - The Storms folding frame allows the bicycle to be shipped fully assembled. There are no requirements other than one stem bolt to tighten when receiving the bicycle. You will be up and riding in a few minutes.
USA Built - All Prodeco electric bicycles are designed, assembled and quality controlled in the USA. Bicycles are produced on a daily basis in our Florida facility with no inventory being built older than 1 week prior to shipping. This allows for all components including batteries to remain 100% fresh and the latest stock. Overseas quality control is not consistent and the reason behind Prodeco’s reasoning for building the Storm in the USA.
2 Year Front to Back Warranty - A full part replacement EZ warranty remains in effect for 2 years from the date of purchase. If any component fails during this time, it will be replaced for a new component. EZ warranty replacement includes full motor wheel replacement. If for any reason your motor fails during the first 2 years, Prodeco will replace the complete wheel including rim and spokes. The new wheel will ship fully balanced and with the Motor’s easy disconnect; only a few minutes is required for removal and installation. LiFePO4 batteries are fully warranted for 2 years with no prorating. If your battery fails on month 23, a new LiFePO4 battery will be shipped.
Rust and Corrosion Resistant - The outdoor environment is a bike’s worst enemy. The Storm utilizes aluminum alloys, stainless steels and cromoly for 95% of all components and hardware. We understand the importance of year after year use, and an owner’s need for their bike to remain rust and corrosion free with continued performance and good looks. Small attention to details such as an alloy nut headset, alloy chain guard and stainless steel spokes have been implemented throughout the bicycle.
Coarse Titanium Finish - The Storm’s finish is a highly metallic flake of coarse titanium and coated in a 3D Clear Paint. The decals are placed under the clear as not to scratch or peel. All components are either anodized sandblasted black or anodized polished black for a true sport feel.
LiFePO4 Li-ion Battery Systems - Manganese and Cobalt have been the main choice in Lithium cathode material used for the lithium electric bicycle market over the past three years. The high cost but low life expectancy (700 cycles) of these batteries fails to offer the longevity required by most ebike riders. LiFePO4, the latest lithium technology increases the cycle life to 2000 plus. The LiFePO4 system is highly more stable, can charge at higher amps and does not deteriorate with heat unlike the majority of the current ebike lithium batteries.
Throttle Powered - The Storm’s motor is controlled via a variable throttle. Throttling permits riders to pedal when they prefer and establish assist according to their requirements, i.e (steep hill, no pedaling effort, bad knee, etc...). A light twist of the throttle produces a slow and soft ride while the full twist of the throttle generates a quick and exhilarating ride.
Quick Disconnect 200W Motor - At only 5.5 lbs, the Prodeco 200W mini brushless HUB motor offers high performance at a high efficiency. 200 watts is sufficient to allow a rider to power at twice the average speed of a traditional bicycle rider pedaling. With electric bicycles, the marriage of the motor, controller and battery is crucial in offering a decent range per charge cycle. 200W will allow a 20% increase in distance per charge versus 250W while only reducing MPH by 1-2. 250W upgrades are available at no additional charge but can decrease distance by 20%, please check with your authorized dealer or Prodeco directly for a free upgrade. The 200W motor also incorporates Prodeco’s quick weatherproof disconnect directly at the motor, tire or tube changes are no longer an issue when comparing to other electric bikes. The connector located within a few inches from the motor allows for a two-second disconnect and the motorized wheel can be easily removed hassle free.
Quick Connect Controllers - Electric bicycle controllers are the brain to the functions of an ebike. The Storm’s controller is a maintenance free sealed unit. If the controller ever has an issue, it can be changed within a few minutes due to the Storm’s use of a wire harness and simplified connectors. Issue proof connectors allow for connecting or disconnecting the controller in a matter of seconds.
Cartridge Bearing Headsets - The Storm uses an upper and lower cartridge bearing headset with a sealed aluminum alloy nut for high strength, years of issue free performance, and zero rust.
Sealed Bearing Bottom Brackets - To maintain the concept of no maintenance, the Storm utilizes Prodeco’s maintenance-free sealed cartridge bearing system for the bottom bracket. Prodeco’s bottom bracket contains an axle/spindle made of cromoly for higher strength and resistance to rust and spins freely on dual maintenance free sealed bearings. A standard 68/73 BSA ENG measurement is used.
Free Body HUB & Cassette - The front motor design allows for the use of a free body HUB & Cassette, not to be mistaken with a freewheel. Shimano’s HG 7 Speed free body multi-cog cassette slides over a free body HUB.
Quick Release Rear Axle - The Quick Release “QR” axle offers a “tool free” 30-second rear wheel removal for flats, service or as a theft deterrent. With the quick removal of the rear axle, the bike will no longer be able to be ridden and tire or tube changes are a breeze.
Shimano Altus 7 Speed Gear System - The Shimano Altus derailleur is from the MTB style Shimano component group; however, finds itself equally at home with city, hybrid and sport bikes. A step above the Tourney system, the Altus provides a feeling of “easy control” that inspires confidence, especially among novice cyclists
Alloy Chain Guard - Chain Guards on the Storm are aluminum alloy and not the plastic or steel found on most bikes, they will not rust and are lightweight.
KMC X8.93 Chain - KMC’s X8.93 chain incorporates extra stretch proof mushroomed pin enhancement for durability. Finished in two tone with links in bright nickel plated plates separated by gray plates. The X8.93 offers these added benefits: Double “X” Bridge Shape Outer Plate (excellent gear shifting), Bushingless Construction (smooth transmission), StrecthProof Treatment (SP exceptional durability), Noiseless Function (noise reduction), Mushroomed Riveting (high pin power) and Inner Plate Chamfering (expeditious articulating).

High Performance Braking System - The Storm utilizes Promax’s DSK320 Front and Rear Caliper Disc Brakes with 160mm Polygon Stainless Steel Disc Rotors. XL-86 Levers (Promax’s Best) complete the system. Disc brakes offer advanced performance and the Storm stops on a dime. Calipers offer a nice contrast in a Distinctive Charcoal Finish.
12G Stainless Steel Spokes - Stainless Steel 12G spokes are thicker and up to 100% stronger than the typical 14G spokes found on most traditional bicycles. The added strength will offer years of issue-free performance while sacrificing minimally in weight savings. Stainless steel is used for its natural resistance to rust and high strength.
Deep Dish Triple Wall Rims - The Storm’s 3 walls of aluminum rims offer advanced strength and flexing is almost non-existent when combined with Prodeco’s 12G stainless steel spokes. Balanced and trued wheels remain balanced and trued. At 25mm wide and 43mm high, they are pronounced in size but give hint to the strength they bear and a perfect match to the 1.95” Kendas.

Kenda Low Resistance Tires - As with any ebike, tire choice is critical for distance per charge. The Storm’s use of Kenda’s SRC Comfort Contacts allow for low resistance and smooth riding with a solid road surface grip. Kenda’s SRC line best attributes are the low rolling resistance, extreme durability and high tread longevity wrapped all into one universal package.
Adjustable 31.8 Stem - Riders come in all sizes and riding positions vary in comfort for each rider. With the Storm’s adjustable handlebar stem, the perfect position is easily found with a quick adjustment whether wanting the bar high and close or low and forward. The stem is not only capable of adjusting degree of angle from front to back but also for quill height. The stem additionally allows for condensing of the handlebar for storing, transporting or shipping.
Folding Aluminum & Nylon Pedals - High quality double bearing folding pedals are included with all Storms. The pedals use an aluminum body with a nylon cage floating on double bearings over a cromoly spindle. No plastic folding pedals here!
Braided Housings & Stainless Steel Cables - Braided and Lined housings with stainless steel cables are an added layer of protection and durability. All housings are lined for the smoothest braking while inner stainless steel cables allow for rust and corrosion resistance. The addition of the braided layer not only increases the strength of the cable housing but adds an attractive detail typically reserved for only custom built bicycles.

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