help with 44.4v lipo pack build

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help with 44.4v lipo pack build

I'm building a e-bike.
my plan is to use 2 6s1p lipos(5000mah) to put in series to make a 12sp1 at 5000mah (44.4v)pack. i plan to stuff these in a sock like
protective foam or cushion. i will be cutting out quarter size holes in the foam to allow 50-60% of the batter to be exposed. i am then planning on stuffinf the 2 batteries down say a 2.5" -3" pvc pipe. i am allowing air flow to be able to flow from one end of tube to the other for cooling if need be. i plan on using a 48v(60v nominal) controller witd max 22amp output.
so question number

1.. if i decide to keep the pvc sealed what am i looking as far as heat build up. would like to be able to use sealed system if possible due to weather proofing. but dont want to worry about over heating.

2. If these two packs are put into series , can i buy (2) s6 lvc audible alarms and plu them into the balance plugs of each s6p1 pack? wiil this cause a short sense they are wired for 44.4v with current running through the discharge wires at the same time?

i was thinking of buying a Tenergy 100A 3 in 1 Self-Balance, Voltage and Watt Meter and wiring the discharge cables through it to monitor the realtime voltage and AH's used but pluggin in one of the balance plug from the batteries in serious to it as well. using the second feature allow a battery gauge. i though in principle that if the batteries are identical and in series while in use then AH in each should run pretty close when being used.

i plan to plug each battery into device( one at a time of course )to use the balance feature to balance the batteries after use then charge them one at a time after.

any help is great , thx

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