Best Buy contracts with Ford Motors to install EV charging areas

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Best Buy contracts with Ford Motors to install EV charging areas

Technological marvels like the Ford Motors Focus Electric and the Nissan Leaf are lighting the way in which for the future of the automotive industry. Dealerships will have to adjust, perhaps even more than consumers, as many maintenance packages they offer will no longer be applicable. The tech shift could be a good thing for Ford, but a bad thing for Ford Motors dealers, suggests Automotive News. That's because dealers may have missed out on the opportunity Best Buy and the Geek Squad have seized: Installing EV charging stations. Source of article - Best Buy contracts with Ford to install EV charging stations by Car Deal Expert.

The Geek Squad does charging areas

While it is not entirely true that electronic cars are devoid of oil - transmissions and CV joints need lubrication, and brakes need fluid - the standard idea of an internal combustion engine oil change does not apply to a fully electric powered car like the Focus Electric or Leaf.

How best to discover your charging station

When it comes to installing charging stations, several dealerships wanted a bit of the action. Best Buy wanted it probably the most though. Ford didn’t get the charging stations as part of the package in order to be different from the competition. This is what Ford spokesman Dan Pierce told Automotive News. Really that just means that Ford Motors wants to bring in someone the consumers want from the home electronics field. This is a trusted name too.

The process needs a standard to follow along with

There's a benefit to Ford’s decision to have Best Buy install the charging stations. The process is standardized that way which is pointed out by Automotive News. Ford would have to work out contracts with individual dealerships if the automaker didn’t go through Best Buy. This way, Best Buy will just always do it. And as Best Buy guarantees the work, the headaches of customer states are minimized.

Pierce said most dealers did not mind it although they were losing just a little bit when it comes to car maintenance package dollars that charging stations bring in.

“It allows us to take that extra to-do or task away from the dealer,” he said. “It really makes life easier for dealers and at the same time makes life easier for our consumers.”

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But will the Geek Squad install charging stations like this?

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