Bench supply for parallel charging cells

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Bench supply for parallel charging cells

Ive just ordered a 0-20v 10amp variabe supply to use charging my LifePo4 cells in parallel

Can someone advise me on this (probably basic) question?
The supply has 3 outputs, a red positive, a black negative and a Green GROUND output in the middle.

Im going to set the charger to 3.7v 10amps, Im assuming I use the Red and Black +ve -ve outputs to go to the cell terminals? When would I ever use the GROUND??

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Re: Bench supply for parallel charging cells

I have a lot of Thunder Sky cells and they all test with different impedance and I forced charged a lot of current in parallel pack and one swelled up big time. Just one cell. massive prego. I guess that is what they mean about using BMS?
I have a bank of 12 volt Gel Cell all paralleled for 8 years and they still have 5000 AH total at 16 batteries.
Maybe just try it on your bench top power charging station. It seems like a good way to weed out something?
The reason why I did that with the TS cells is I needed about 3 volts at 120 Amperes for a few minutes. I used an electroplating power supply and dialed up 150 Amp charge rate with #2 AWG cables that were still cool to the touch.
Normally you can parallel with no problems but I nearly blew one cell big time.


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