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I like a lot of people just parked my scooter all Winter and the first day it made it up to 60 plus I dug it out and unplugged the charger. It was dusty and grungy but I sort of knew range was going to be shorter immensely. My wife washed it off and I told her to give me a half hour to an hour head start in case bike died on the way to truck dealership to get truck fixed. It would have been OK with me having it dusty. I loaded up the ramps to get it home and proceeded to GMC dealer Thursday and range on meter was still in green zone after 12 miles. My range when I parked the scooter dropped to under 15 miles and figured it would be good to see what it would do sitting on charge all winter long. The dealer said they got the wrong mirror so we drove home and another 12 to 13 miles later still in the green driving level and dipped to yellow up a relatively steep hill. I ordered and received a new battery pack but never installed it for it was just too cold outside to do a replacement in late fall early winter time. I rode it again Friday and did same results 20 miles in the green. I did forget to turn on circuit breaker and spent 5 minutes or more figuring why the bike wouldn't go till it dawned on me what I should check the than measuring pack voltage. I will keep batteries in for this spring and maybe summer to see if I can get a third year on the pack in the bike. If not I will use my new MK Gel cell pack I got from NJ I think. I will dig out VX-1 and ride it next week. Every 3 to 5 weeks I have been plugging it in because that type of charger can only go for 3 hours plus or minus a tad and shut off. The range did drop on display to EST range of 15 or 20 miles or something really low. But I wasn't racking up the miles so computer must think it was using electricity and not going very far? Thank goodness for V posting saying that if pack did go too low Dana would have to force feed it till it charged on its own. I could not believe the number of scooters and motorcycles on the road Thursday and Friday. Even though it is an XM-3000, I have it locked into 20 MPH vs what ever the real top speed is so I have to wave people behind me to pass me. A few cruisers have followed me then pass me accelerating fast away from me. I am sure they know about mobility scooters and Mopeds rules. Russ



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