Considering an X-treme Scooters XB-420M - Opinions?

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Considering an X-treme Scooters XB-420M - Opinions?


I've been doing some reading lately, and have come across this 3-wheel "device". What is it officially, by the way? An electric bicycle? A moped? A scooter?

I'm curious as to other's opinions of this model, and have some questions as well.

A) Is this device capable of dealing with San Francisco hills without popping a circuit breaker, frying wiring, burning out (relatively) expensive components, or stranding me?

B) Unlike a power wheelchair, which is exceptionally stable and difficult to tip over, this device doesn't look to be nearly as stable. Are looks just deceiving, or is it relatively unstable at higher speeds? If so, is it something that an experienced rider could learn to adapt to or counteract?

C) What is the reliability record for this device?

D) Are there any other 3 or 4 wheel rides out there I should consider over this one, and if so, what are they, and why?

E) Assuming that I removed the wire luggage thing and junked it in favor of a sturdy bag, could the device accommodate a folded up walker? (I need the walker frame to maintain my balance when walking.)

F) How does this device tolerate rainy conditions, assuming that the limitations of the tires are respected? Are all critical components sealed, or can they easily be sealed or shielded?

G) For future reference, how much of a hassle would it be to modify the device to have things like a USB power port (~5V @ 500mA, 2.5w) for a smartphone, lighter and more powerful Lithium Phosphate batteries, extended range and/or increased top speed, etc.?


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Re: Considering an X-treme Scooters XB-420M - Opinions?

Seems like a lotta monies for a trike. It kind of looks like my old Palmer scooter that listed for $3000.00 plus but was given to me. I got many miles out of it and gave it away. The local cops made me put a six sided orange sign on it like on tractors that cut road side grass. Not a big deal. Again some one gave me a Lark mobility scooter. Lark is out of business so I used my own spare controllers. What a difference. 24 volts and it goes fast. 36 volts and it screams. So I use 24 and pot box limited to 10 or less MPH. Not a bad price if social security helps with cost or you just plain need it. BTW is extreme scooter still around? A lot of people swear by extreme and other swear at them. I already have 6 extreme scooters will I did have at least. Down to one that runs but is modified with other brands of DC-Dc, and controllers.
I have extra power ports on my scooters. VX-1 and XM- series. My running XM-3000 has 5 DC-DC converters running stuff. Ham radios that require 13.8 but runs on 11.1 OK, spare lights, computer power, GPS by Magellan for speedometer since CHINA one is so wacky. The main one lasted me anywhere from a month or two to 6 or 7 months. They are epoxy filled and water proof. But cut um up and they are moisture ridden!!!! as in moisture proof my @$$
Do you need a mobility scooter? So many people use them then because of age , they tend to go to family members who have to sell um on eBay or CL. I am lucky for I am only 60 and might live another decade? I figure the world will end first though. I use a fold up cane and not a walker but my LARK can carry a walker or groceries. I mainly use my XM-3000 but actually use Lark for getting lots of groceries. I think my Lark has more power than 450 watts. If you want me to put an amp meter on it I will. The skinny chain is scary and I think it is the only weak ling in the power train. Also I can go in Wally world with my scooter. They said my Palmer was too big so I don't know about extremes trike.


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