Cheapest way to add 10 mph?

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Cheapest way to add 10 mph?

Meet Pee Wee, my Busetii 40-Miler folding electric bike:

It goes up to 20 mph and around 40-50 miles per charge. I have a simple goal and want advice on the simplest, fastest and cheapest way to accomplish it: get it to reach speeds of at least 30 mph without sacrificing range. I want to reach 30 mph because I hope to join a moped gang in my neighborhood that goes out on weekend rides, and they average 25-30 mph on their moped rides. I want to join them with Pee Wee but I need to be able to keep up with the pack.

Pee Wee's battery:
- BYI Super Lithium Polymer
- 10 amp hour with 35 amp gateway & 25 amp hi-power BMS
- 52 volts
- Soft Pack technology

Pee Wee's Motor:
- Rear hub
- Busettii 500-watt quad torque motor
- Reaches 1500 watts of peak power
- Computer controller with 4 pedal-assist power levels

The place I bought it from already has deactivated the speed control wire in the controller, but even with that deactivated the bike reaches 20 mph max. I weigh 165 lbs.

Would putting another hub motor on the front wheel, along with any necessary controller enhancements, be the simplest way to increase my speed up to at least 30 mph? Oh and if I get it up to 30 mph, I will start wearing my scooter helmet and scooter protective gear rather than my bicycle helmet and bicycle clothes.

Any other on reaching that magic 30 mph mark with Pee Wee? Thanks!

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Re: Cheapest way to add 10 mph?

What have you been achieving range wise without pedal assistance? You probably have a great LSEB, but not a good 30mph moped.
The foldng frame and tall stem would not qualify as rigid at speed. The small wheels have a reduced rollout. The lack of suspension could be abbsolutely horrible at 30.Save up for an Emoto
moped if you want 30mph, great brakes and reliability. The other Busettii models would be a better choice for mods. In the spirit of full
disclosure, I am an Emoto dealer.

JTH/Amp Brothers Electric Cycles/MI

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Re: Cheapest way to add 10 mph?

I am NOT a dealer, but I also advise against 30 mph speed on your existing bike, as you will need to double the battery size if you want similar range at 30 mph--Where will you put the second battery? If you solve that problem, then the worry would shift to motor overheating and burnout!You need a motor designed for 1000 watts continuous (or more) for that type of operation. I have a "Tidal Force" bike, by Wavecrest labs, that WILL do 30 mph, but 30 is really a little fast, even with my bikes bigger wheels and front shocks! -For faster speeds, I use my VECTRIX electric scooter, or my HONDA Goldwing, 6 cylinder motorcycle.-Bob

Robert M. Curry

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Re: Cheapest way to add 10 mph?

Jthmi and Robert, I think you are both right. I guess I don't want to take Pee Wee above his current 20 mph with no suspension and the small tires. So I guess I will keep searching for a 30-mph electric moped that is faithful to the design of the classic mopeds of old ... in order to ride with my moped crew.

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