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Parts sourcing

Hey all,

I've been trying to find a few parts for an EVD-Li. Most of the chassis and body is the same as the Jonway YY150T-19 or YY250T-19. But if anyone has good sources for parts as well as maybe EVD specific stuff, I'd love to hear about it. The Jonway's front brakes look different according to YY150T-19.pdf.

Brakes: Are front and rear pads the same size? It looks like it from the outside, and I think I have the replacement number for the rear.

Brake assembly mounting plate: A rhomboid piece of plate-metal that the rear brake bolts on to.

Speedometer cable...

Thanks for any and all help. Scoot is standing still until I can repair.

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Re: Parts sourcing

I need a parts source too for my EVD. Are there any US distributors of EVD type scooters?

My EVD has been out of commission for weeks now due to a fried ignition coil. Is there anyone out there willing to sell me one? It is a plastic/rubber piece that looks like this:

Here it is in the bike. I'm pointing to it with the screwdriver:

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