Best way to upgrade a weak x-treme x-250

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Best way to upgrade a weak x-treme x-250

Hi guys. I am a bit of an idiot sometimes. I bought this x-250 x-treme scooter for a good reason (my 3000w scooter is heavy, wanted something light enough to pick up), but it wasn't sold locally, so I got it off ebay and doubt I can return it. I mention that last bit because it is has a 250 Watt motor. Yes, you heard that right. Only 250 watts. Of course it is too weak for an adult human. I mean most of the posts here deal with 5000 watt hub motors. >10x different. Deets here:

Not enough power to go up hills and speed is too low unless you are on level ground. So I am looking for cheapest option to go up hills and have more speed. I am trying to decide if I should

a) overvolt the 250w motor or
b) replace it with a >=500w motor.
c) replace with a hub motor
d) none of the above. do something interesting.

That's the big q. Here are specific qs that will help me decide.

Q1. Can the x-treme 24v 250w ?brushless? motor handle 36volts? 48volts? The 250w motor is the 250w one made by these guys: (slow site, not worth waiting for). The 250w was cool to the touch after I took it out so I think it can handle more watts.
Q2. How do you overvolt? Do you just stick another battery in series, not doing ANYTHING else, which I would guess destroy the controller, since it is designed to work on 24v not 36v? Do I need a 36v controller even if I run the 24v motor at 36v? The website says the controller can handle 20 amps. It is presently only handling 10 amps=250 watts/24 volts. So how do I use the full 20 amps it is rated for without destroying it? Do these x-treme controllers use pulse width modulation? I would think they'd use lower voltage at non-top throttle, no? Which is used? I suspect I will have to connect an oscilloscope but surely someone here can just tell me the answer.
Q3. Seems like a simple swap would be 250w 24v with a new 500w 24v motor like one here out of stock:
except that one is chain driven and x-250 is belt driven.
Q4. Is it easy to switch motor to belt? Seems like removing a cotter pin would do it.
Q5. In terms of fitting there is space above the back wheel to stick more batteries. But if I swapped motors is there space for the 500w 24v motor, or would I really need to hack up the entire bottom rear?

So far I am leaning towards a-d. All of the above. What would you do?
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