xb-610 installation

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xb-610 installation

wow I feel dumb but I can not get my bike installed correctly. The manual makes no sense to me and the photos do not seem to be of an xb-610 bike! I am trying to get the handlebar installed and there is so much in the way it is hard, I was finally able to get the screw through the front but to put the bolt in the back seems impossible. there simply isn't enough room to get back there. I sent a support ticket but they don't seem to understand. I took to two different bike shops and a scooter store and they all refuse to help me. they seem to think the bike will fall apart eventually and I will sue. Is there a trick I'm missing?? Anyone know of a better manual or photos of installation? Would appreciate any help!

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Re: xb-610 installation

Here's the story of my unpacking my XB600.


You may be able to get some insight from the pix. The instructions seemed to direct the assembler to attach the handlebars, but, in my case, the handlebars were correctly installed in the crate.

I would recommend hanging out at a shop that works on the gas Chinese scoots. The steering assembly is likely to be exactly the same, and you will get some insight on how the parts interact. You may have to remove more of the fairing / housing / body parts. Save your attachment screws! When putting them back, make sure the fairing pieces are correctly aligned.

In the meantime, perhaps someone with a XB610 will post photos of the headset and handlebar clamps inside the instrument fairing area. (While you're in there, make VERY sure the headset bearings are properly adjusted and the lock nut fully engaged; it makes a HUGE difference in the handling and safety.)


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Re: xb-610 installation

The Solution is very simple: Remove the screws on the plastic housing (the one with the ignition switch), then pull back plastic housing enough to insert a socket with ratchet. Insert socket or wrench to tighten the nut on the back side of the handlebar unit. Afterward, carefully re-align the black plastic housing and snug screws to re-secure!!!

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