Can I use these Lip batteries

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Can I use these Lip batteries

I've got an old 36V 500W ebike and I also have a bunch (68) of 2.3Ah 1.5 V LiPo cells. I'm wondering if i can hook these up to give myself a nice battery pack (yes I know I'll need a special LiPo charger).

Anybody do the math on that? I figure I need 24 of these to get the right voltage but does the Ah rating accumulate like that or am I going to end up with a 36V, 2.3Ah battery? Hook them up in parallel???? Say, two 36V battery packs giving me 4.6Ah?
Doing the math it looks like I need 14Ah to run at 500W.

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Re: Can I use these Lip batteries

Yes when you add cells in series you only add the voltagages, the pack amphrs will still only be 2.3 etc

Anyway Lipo cells aren't 1.5V, did you mean 3.7v (if Lipo) or 3.3v (if LifePO4)?

A 12series5parallel pack (12s5p) would use 60 of your cells and should work, giving you a 36v 11amphr pack

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