How to tell model 2000w - 3000w EVT4000e ?

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How to tell model 2000w - 3000w EVT4000e ?

Hi guys

Looking at the 4000e and i notice some are 2000w motor and some newer models are 2800w/3000w motors.

Is there a way to easily determine what a model is whilst loooking at one if buying it from a non-EV aware person that has just 'bought' it and used it.



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Re: How to tell model 2000w - 3000w EVT4000e ?


3000w (brushed) motors got 4 big input wires. You can check this easily at the anderson powerpole between motor and controller (this should be visible from battery case)
You can also remove the small cover on the rear wheel axis (right side), you should be able to see if there are 2 or 4 wires.

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