XB-508 Electrical Issue

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XB-508 Electrical Issue

Hi Folks,

I have a problem that I hope your expertise will help me solve...

First, I have an X-treme XB-508. I've never had a problem with it, reliable as all get-out.

I had my back-up battery pack in it yesterday (I have two for those days when I run a lot of errands). To make it easier to swap out batt-packs, I connected the terminals with simple slide-on connectors. While I was riding yesterday, the vibration caused one of the connectors to slide off one of the batteries and I lost power. This has happened a couple times in the past but I had just reconnected the one terminal and away I went. Yesterday was not the same... I connected the terminal, all was fine... I start up and less than 5 seconds later it just died. Crap!
I decide to push it the 4 blocks to my house. Here is the weird thing... As I pushed the bike there was this weird heavy pulsing resistance as the rear wheel rotated. What the heck? I disconnected the battery pack at the plug in the battery box and I put it up on the center stand to take a look... no resistance turning the wheel backwards but that same hard pulse type resistance rotating forward.
I had no other way to get it home so I pushed it the four blocks to my house. It was pretty hard because of that resistance in the rear wheel. I did try to pedal it but the resistance made that impossible.

When I got home, I checked the 30 amp blade fuse and sure enough it is fried. I replaced the fuse, connect the battery pack, turn key on... Zap! Thunk! Fuse fried. Rear wheel started to turn for less than a second and there was a thunk sound from the rear wheel at the same moment. It was so hot in the fuse holder that it melted part of the metal connectors inside. Hmmmm? Out of curiosity, I rotate the rear wheel and now there is no resistance either rotating forward or backward.
I am pretty lame when it comes to complicated electronics. I can wire a house, I can tune a '60 Chevy but stuff like this boggles my mind.

So this is where I am at:
With all wires connected it constantly burns the 30 am fuse.
With heavy gauge hubmotor power wires disconnected from the controller I can turn the key on and have power to all lights, horn, etc. and the fuse does not burn up. As soon as I connect the hubmotor I get a burned fuse.
It appears that the controller is working correctly and there is something very wrong inside the rear wheel hubmotor.

Whatcha think? Any ideas?

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