EVT 4000e Charger issues

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EVT 4000e Charger issues

I'm rebuilding a 4000e - bought it with a burned out motor and a few other issues, and it was somewhat disassembled.

I've got the rebuilt motor in, and it runs fine, but the charger isn't working. I assumed it was toast, and bought another from someone on this forum. That's when I discovered that the charger needs to be plugged into the scooter to show any signs of life (I assumed plugging into the wall would at least turn the fan on).

So, I investigated further, and the wiring on the scooter seems to be incorrect. The red and black wires come out of the charging connector and go to the battery pack, which makes sense. The green wire, however, isn't connected to anything - it ends in a quick-connect end. I believe that this is the wire that tells the charger when to turn off (is that correct?). Thing is, there isn't a loose wire that would connect to this, nor can I see any other connector or any place that looks like the green wire could be connected to.

Any thoughts? Anyone out there with a 4000e that would be willing to see what it looks like on their machine?


elvis [at] averde.net

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