Standardized Range Reporting

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Standardized Range Reporting

Came across a link to this article in a motorcycle show email and thought it was pretty interesting:
It doesn't go into enough detail to replicate the test ones-self, but it is comforting none-the-less to see that manufacturers are realizing the need for such a standard testing/reporting protocol. Here in the States the EPA has come up with a pretty reliable range estimate for the Nissan Leaf, appreciably lower than the "100 miles" that Nissan was advertising at the start, and it reminds me of how I've never gotten close to the purported range of the Vectrix. Wasn't it something like 35-50 miles? I've been lucky to get 25 miles on my, admittedly, partially full-speed commute.

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Re: Standardized Range Reporting

It would be nice to have standards for both range and efficiency for electric vehicles so that customers could compare. Efficiency should be in miles per kwh (MPK) and should include the efficiency of the charger. The standard should be the same for both cars and bikes.

John D.

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