XB-508 Replacement Controler

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XB-508 Replacement Controler

I have ordered two OEM controllers for my XB-508 in succession only to be told that they are "backordered". Does anyone know of any other controller that would be a direct replacement or compatible to this bike?

I am disabled and am stuck at my home until I can get my bike up and running.

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Re: XB-508 Replacement Controler

I'm in the same boat as you. I ordered a new controller for my XB-600. That was last month.
I'd cancel my order with them if I could find it somewhere else (that actually has it in stock).

I'm starting to worry if my bike is getting too old. Perhaps I should order two, just in case. Haha!

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Re: XB-508 Replacement Controler

Motor controllers are fairly generic. Just make sure you have the correct

  • throttle type: Hall effect (3-wire) or resistance (2-wire)
  • Motor type: Brushed (2-wire) or brushless (3 phase plus 5 hall effect position sensor lines)


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