30 mm threaded axle bolts ( Imperial ) ?

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30 mm threaded axle bolts ( Imperial ) ?

m trying to find a threaded axle bolt I can use for a project Ive been working on.

Is any one aware of any imperial sized step thru axke, shoulder bolt that fits the dimensions below ?

30 mm thread
35 mm or greater shoulder
3/8 16 ( 9.5 )
7/16 18(11 mm )
or anything between these 2 sizes i.e. 10 mm that has no more than 16 or 17 pitch
the diameter of the shoulder is is 3/8

I've tried sites, phoning local fixings and bolts companties ( or fasteners as you say in the US ) but Im not having any luck - does any one have any suggestions ?



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Re: 30 mm threaded axle bolts ( Imperial ) ?

Try bringing those measurements to a hardware store, even if they don’t have the proper bolt/nut they should be able to order it in. Some people have lathes that can handle metal and can use them to make custom bolts.

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