Your opinion of my ebike kit choice.

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Your opinion of my ebike kit choice.

I am 175 lbs and have a one way commute of a little under 10 miles. I am leaning towards the ezee kit 26” rear motor. There are some days that I don’t want to pedal (like today with a high forecast of 100 degrees or when I’m dressed reasonably nice). I don’t mind pedaling up a hill (I only have one mid sized hill). I don’t mind pedaling to start the motor (pedelec?). There are a couple of flat stretches in my commute where I would like to achieve a max speed of 20mph. I have not interest in going over 20mph. Also, I have the ability to charge the battery at my work.

Due to weight I am considering lithium, but 1) would like to buy them from a reliable seller and 2) don’t want to pay that much for the battery. Thanks.

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Re: Your opinion of my ebike kit choice.

You can possibly buy a used bike w/ kit either here or on endless sphere. Because of the 10 mile range, you will be better off with lithium battery pack. probably 36v 20 ah lifepo4. That should give you a solid 15 to 18 mile range at 20 mph. Just keep an extra charger at work or bring one along. I ride an Aotema front hub 26"
It's brushless, sensorless and direct drive. The direct drive means there is drag when pedaling without power.
Some of the geared hub motors have practically no drag-- making pedaling easier.

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