motor stop getting power after a few seconds

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motor stop getting power after a few seconds

I'm pretty sure, and I hope that my problem is a controller, as i really dont want to have to change my motor, as it's strung into a custom tire...

I have a 48v 1000w ebike in a box kit from and i've fitted it on my schwinn spoiler. It looks almost the same as the bike kits from
I've got 2 10ah 48v ping 2.5 battery packs connected in parallel with diodes as per instructions from ping, and i've verified that the bms is not the problem, there's always power getting to the controller.

I apply thottle to the bike and it runs for a few seconds and then stops getting power to the motor.holding down the throttle does not help, but if i continuously turn the throttle on and off I can get the bike to move. This happens no matter how fast I'm going.. the power to the motor just stops every few seconds.

The motor is a bit loud too...

any ideas?

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Re: motor stop getting power after a few seconds

The wiring thickness (gauge) could be an issue. I have a 48v 20 ah pack that would cut out. I removed some of the wire nuts and soldered the wiring together. Also, I use thick 10 gauge wiring throughout from battery to controller. Power outages went away.
What's the amp rating on controller? You can test controller using a 48 v SLA pack as SLA have no bms.

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Re: motor stop getting power after a few seconds

motor too big for 10 amps

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