How do I calculate the electrical needs for a bike with 3 motors?

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How do I calculate the electrical needs for a bike with 3 motors?

Please feel free to put this in another place. I am making an ebike/emotorcycle that will have 3 motors - explanation is long and should be another post :) - I also want to put a small generator on it to make it a hybrid of sorts.

how do I calculate the electrical needs for the bike? I know that watts x volts = amps. All 3 of the motors will be 48volt. Do I simply add up the amps for the 2 largest motors - only 2 of the 3 will be used at any given time - and call that the maximum draw off the battery? I want the generator to be able to handle the maximum draw plus about 30% to be able to recharge the battery as well. I realize, however, that a generator that large might not be practical for this. For the generator I have found a 9 pound 35 cc honda 4 stroke motor that is commonly used with garden tools and was going to hook that up to a 48volt motor so that on adapters are required in the conversion. Total weight of this, with electronics, will be <20 pounds.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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