Razor Dirt Quad

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Razor Dirt Quad

This forum has been a great resource over the last several days. My current project is to add a reverse to a Razor Dirt Quad. It has a 24v 350watt motor, power by two 12v 10ah batteries in series.

I just got off the phone with Razor and tried to get specs on their 24v 350watt motor, but they stated they couldn't release them. Can anyone shed some light or how would I go about in determining "Rated Speed (e.g. RPM's)" and the "Rated Current (in Amps)"? If we are able to sucessfully put a DPDT to make it function in reverse, then I certainly would need to add a resistor to limit the reverse to about 2.5 mph, which is about 1/4 the maximum speed (10 mph). Also, what type of resistors are best for this type of application. I am assuming it will have to be mounted to the metal frame to dissipate some of the heat.

Thank you in advance.

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