TT Zero 2011 pre-race update - No race today due to weather, supposed to race tomorrow, weather willing

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TT Zero 2011 pre-race update - No race today due to weather, supposed to race tomorrow, weather willing

The 2011 TT Zero was supposed to run this afternoon on the Isle of Man. But, weather issues caused a cancellation today and they hope to run the race tomorrow weather willing.

Asphalt & Rubber In case you hadn't heard #iomtt races were cancelled today because of rain. #ttzero tomorrow at 16:30

PlugBike: Is MotoCzysz Showing All Their TT Zero Cards?: Skadamo links to various information coming to the conclusion that MotoCzysz perhaps is holding something back. They have two bikes this year - #1 is last years bike, #2 is this years. This years bike was clocked at a 150mph top speed.

AutoBlog Green: MotoCzysz 2011 E1pc stands out from the TT Zero crowd, goes faster [w/VIDEO]: MotoCzysz' new bike had an average lap speed of 93.353 mph in qualifying. Their old bike came in second, barely edging out the Kingston Univ bike sponsored by Ecotricity. The new bike from Lightning Motors was in the thick of it and perhaps would have come in second but had to drop out.

Asphalt & Rubber: @MotoCzysz officially hit 138 mph down Solby (Rutter), but on-board data shows several touches of 150 mph. #TTZero #IOMTT

PlugBike: Lightning Motors 2011 TT Zero Entry

Richard Hatfield (Lightning Motors) has sent out several updates from the race detailing significant challenges they've faced. Their battery pack and several parts were held up in London and their rider was able to pull some strings to get parts delivered or find places to fabricate new parts. The bike had not been tested anywhere as a complete bike on the road until everything had final assembly on the Isle of Man. They managed to get it put together barely in time for scrutineering just before the qualifying round. Whew. But as noted above they had to drop out during qualifying.

The motor being used is not one of the EV1 motors - but instead a new one from Remy, who is also the motor partner of MotoCzysz.

TT’S BEST-KEPT SECRET IS REVEALED!: How many TT Zero bikes will actually race? There are nine machines left after seven teams failed to show up. Of the nine, only five have satisfied the qualifying conditions: two from Segway MotoCzysz and one apiece from Kingston University, MIT (Massachusetts), and Team Prozza of Tokyo. Hopefully the others will be allowed to race or it won’t be much of a spectacle. It’s a huge shame that Agni and Brammo aren’t here this year and the fear is that the TT Zero will wither on the vine if it is not better supported.

PlugBike: 2011 TT Zero Podium Contender – Ecotricity Ion Horse: Goes over the bike from Ecotricity/Kingston. The Kingston Univ team is in their third year of TTXGP/TTZERO. Their new bike is highly powerful, almost matching MotoCzysz's bike from last year with 140mph top speed etc.

Ecotricity Ion Horse - TTZero Qualifying 2011

skadamo skadamo Brunel X-Team will be running 1 motor so they can qualify. Had a motor failure. Will be full power by Wednesday. #ttzero #iomtt

Moto_Pod MotoPOD .currently at lightning # TTZero garage. Furious work to make QP.. #iomtt :- I've seen Richard in this mode many times...

Asphalt_Rubber Asphalt & Rubber From the #TTZero pits: @MotoCzysz happy now that both bikes are sorted and ready to hit the Mountain Course for practice today. #IOMTT

Ecotricity introducing the Ion Horse:

Critical Stats
Top Speed 140mph
0-60mph 3 seconds
Cost £150,000
Time to Build 7 Months

Power 100 kW peak, 55kw continuous
Max Torque 800Nm peak, 400Nm continuous
Transmission Chain and Sprocket final drive
Emissions Zero CO2 powered from Ecotricity windmills

Type Lithium polymer cobalt cells
Capacity 14kW/h
Range 40 miles racing, 120 miles within legal speed limits
Time to charge 5 hours standard charge, 1.5 hrs with fast charger
Battery Containment Kevlar / Nomex honeycomb structure

Wheelbase 1516mm
Weight 220kg

Asphalt_Rubber Asphalt & Rubber Tough night in the Lightning camp. Bike finally built, but not working. Looking for a solution before the #ttzero practice today. #iomtt

MattB_UK Matt Rutter does 92.779mph on the 2011 MotoCzysz. With a bit of tinkering, I reckon we'll see them get the 100mph lap this year. #ttzero #iomtt

manxdan manxdan It's not until the #iomtt TTZero practices start that you realise how much the engine noise on the regular bikes contribute to @manxradioTT

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