Range anxiety (eZip 750)

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Range anxiety (eZip 750)

Hello All, new here! Just got me a second-hand eZip 750 and I'm very excited! Being that I'm a tinkerer, I'm already wondering if there's a way to increase the range of the scooter to possibly 12-16 miles. I'm not too worried about breaking the sound barrier w/ a 20mph scooter. I'm thinking that the way to go is to get a set of batteries with higher amp-hours. Is this correct? I think the stock one gives 10 amp-hours so one with 18 amp-hours would give me an 80% increase in range, correct? Well, it's probably not that simple so that's why I'm here. Thanks in advance!

Oh yes, one more thing to add: I haven't tested the range yet, but the gauge goes from green to yellow after about 30 seconds of use. Does this mean that the battery is on its way out? I went about 3 miles yesterday and the light went down to red for a while but didnt seem to lose too much steam. Its a bummer if I spent all this money and I already need to get some new batteries...Luckily it's just for fun so I don't need the range at the moment.

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