lifepo4 36v system

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lifepo4 36v system

Hi Y'all
it's been a while since I,ve been on here.
I need help. I bought some GBS lithium 36v 60ah batts and want to charge with solar panel. This will not be primary charger, but a "range extender". Panel is rated 40v Vmp, 47.7 Voc, 5.4 Imp. Is this voltage high enough to charge
the batts? Will waivering current (ie shadows, direction change) effect the batts?
My thinking is that the panel is small enough that the only time the panel will actually charge batts is when load Amp is lower than charge Amp. Also thinking MPPT charger if need be.
My other aggravation is that I cannot find led status lights for 36v system without dc-dc converters for each
system status indicator. An online led calculator listed a 2+ watt resistor would be needed for each led.
Any thoughts? Or should I go back to 24v system with 100ah batts and use some sort of current regulation.


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Re: lifepo4 36v system

Is your vehicle a scooter or a mini car?
Are those GBS batts the ones that have 4 cells so they are 12.8v each?

If so you could put a very light powerfilm flexi panel to each battery.

It is better to use 3 solars panels and have one on each battery, rather than stringing the panels in series and connecting the batteries in series.

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Re: lifepo4 36v system

Is your vehicle e bike emope ?

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