LiPO Conversion, charging problems

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LiPO Conversion, charging problems

Hi to everybody. I'm italian and finally I bought a second hand VX-1. Good conditions, around 6000 Km. I moved from stars to barns in a while. Just after 300 Km batteries had first problems. Too high temperature in short range, during charge as well. Found one bad sensor, but the real problem were two cells, one shorted another burned. At that time two ways: buy new NiMH and repair original pack or move to LiPO. I decided to buy 36 cells 40 Ah Kokam.
Everything seems to be OK but problems occured during charge. CP mode show 152 as max Voltage, but it gets 132 V and then change to tr152 and CC152, at the end of process I have 136 V. Can anybody help me to understand how the system, CB and IMC are working? thanks a lot

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