Bionx Battery Type

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Bionx Battery Type

Here is a photograph of my Bionx battery:


This is from a Trek Valencia+. It is 6.5 a/H, 40V. I don't think it is one of the higher end Bionx batteries.

Searching the web, I can not find any info on these rack batteries, only the rack batteries that are a different shape than this one, a little more rectangular. Even a google image search fails to find any images of this model battery.

There is a hole behind the red light you can not see in the photograph, looks like it is designed to make the battery easier to pull out. I like this style because I can run a cable through the hole when I lock my bike, giving the battery extra protection.

Because I can not find any info on this model of battery, I am curious .... is this something Trek specific? Or is it perhaps an older rack type battery that is not made anymore, or maybe a newer style?

I am surfing around trying to do some research if I will be able to update the cells in my battery pack with Lipo cells when it wears out (hopefully not for a few years from now). I am just looking for information on Bionx batteries, doing some research so when it comes time to replace this battery, I might have enough information to replace the cells myself with something better than the cells Bionx uses, for less money.

Anybody know anything about this style of battery?

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