Replacing the hub motor 48v 1000w

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Replacing the hub motor 48v 1000w

hi all

I have an electric bicycle. Unfortunately while i was riding it the hub motor wheel came loose off the fork and the wire coming out of the hub motor twisted. I have purchased a new hub motor and would like to ask for instrucitons of how can i replace it. I will also try to fix the damaged one if possibile.

thanks for your help.


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Re: Replacing the hub motor 48v 1000w

It sounds like replacing it would be a matter of rebuilding the wheel (re-spokeing). This is easier if the replacement hub is the same diameter as your original.

Depending on your skill-set (have you ever built a bike wheel?), repairing the existing hub would be about the same difficulty; you'll need to split the case and inspect to see what was torn up with the torque.


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Re: Replacing the hub motor 48v 1000w

You can open up the hub and solder wiring or replace wiring. It's not hard. I have posted instruction on how to open a hub in Wilderness Energy in reference to brushes replacement.
If there is alot of busted spokes, it's easier to just buy a new hub and rim w/spokes. You can sell old motor. The reason I say this is that respoking is not easy ( for me) when it is several spokes.

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