Hub motors

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Hub motors

hallo i have a problem with my hub motor (48v 1000w permanent magnet)

i have opened the old motor and found that the wires where shorted and damaged the internal sensors. I think that these damage sensors are not allow the controller to rotate the motor. Would it be possibile for somebody to tell me where i can buy thes sensors?

thanks for your help

Pierre Spiteri

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Re: Hub motors

These internal sensors are hall effect sensors.
And indeed, this is sure the case with motor controllers that need these hall signals.

You can replace the hall sensors but there are various types so I suggest, remove a hall sensor and don't you find sensor number on the package?
Any serious electronic shop has such sensors, online like digikey, farnel.
Or do you know the motor brand and motor type?

>Which wires are shorted? If from the a phase wire then replacing the hall sensors alone will not fix the problem.
But usual, its the hall sensor cables

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Re: Hub motors

I think there r several things you'd check,like the controller,battery,BMS,.......
If you using BMS,i think the most likely suspect is BMS.Of course,after the problem solved,you still have to change the holzer sensor. hehe.

enn,it is just a remind.

aima,high-tech,high-quality eletric vehicles designer&maker.

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