E-Bike Brushless Motor and Controller

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E-Bike Brushless Motor and Controller

Bought a new E-Bike 36V 10AH with Brushless motor and controller, throttle and pedelec control. On my 4th ride, while climbing a little hill, all of sudden motor stopped. Pedal home, fully charged battery. Still the motor does not turn at all with zero load (off ground). What can be wrong? Motor burnt out due climbing a hill? Controller? Help! Seller is hopeless not helping.
Thank you.

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Re: E-Bike Brushless Motor and Controller

ok, it died under load. Are there any power indicators on it, like a green or red LED to let you know there is power?
have you looked for fuses? What package did you buy? From whom? The more info you provide, the easier it is to assist. If you are "flying blind", start with the battery pack and a multimeter, be careful not to short circuit the battery while testing, Check for voltage from the pack, and at every contact point to the controller. If you have good power to the cotnroller, then check for a fuse on the controller. Good Luck.

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