PI7800 011G3 Inverter from PowTran ??

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PI7800 011G3 Inverter from PowTran ??


I am looking for an inverter for my ETEL 210 TMA high torque motor. I found this PI7800 011G3 inverter from PowTran. Has anyone heard of this company?

I need an inverter that accepts 300+ VDC input and has output of:
- 300 VAC 3 phase
- 11 KW
- 34 Amps

The ETEL motor has a Permanent Rare Earth Magnet rotor. Does this set up any special requirements for an inverter?

Any suggestions?

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Re: PI7800 011G3 Inverter from PowTran ??


I am working for this company. We manufacture world class products, but cost-effective.

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