Thinking About an Inexpensive, Easy Hub Motor Conversion

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Thinking About an Inexpensive, Easy Hub Motor Conversion

I've been riding a Taiwanese 18 speed mountain bike for almost 20 years. I'm having trouble with my legs and was thinking about adding a low to medium power front hub motor/wheel assembly just so I can get up hills or cruise a bit on level ground. I'm looking to spend as little as possible, and my physical limitations mean I need a kit that I can install in no more than an hour or so. I understand E-bike theory and actually owned an LA Free Sport (heavy, expensive POS) for years. What I want is the bike I have now, with as little changed abut it as possible, save the front motor and either rack or pannier-mounted batteries. What do you folks think of this kit?:

I don't want to spend more than about $350 with batteries, and I figure a 36 volt kit that comes with the charger will also save on battery costs and weight. Anyone recognize this unit and know if it's worth the price?

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