Controller Feature Explanation needed!

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Controller Feature Explanation needed!

I'm looking at converting my 3, 12 volt, switch stepped battery speed control, (sequentially supplies 12, 24 and 36 volts to the motor) to one of the scooter controllers and throttles that are available. On paper, I have selected a SPD-CT660B9, 36 volt, 40 amp rated controller. Looking at the "Installation and Wiring" listing, it is obvious where some of the controller wires get connected. Power Connector, Motor Connector, Throttle, and Battery Charger are self explanatory. As a new potential user of these controllers I'm not sure what to do with the other connections;

Key Switch Connector: Does this go to an on/off switch only or does it require application of some voltage through a switch?

Brake Lever Switch, (labeled "Brake Terminal 1" and "Brake Terminal 2"): Does this supply a voltage to drive a brake circuit, (magnetic or otherwise), accept a voltage to stop the motor or something else?

Battery Gauge Connector, (labeled "Speed Indicator", I think: Can't even guess at this one?

Power Light Connector: Since it is labeled "+" and "-" I assume it is supplying voltage to a "Pilot Light". If so, what voltage is there?

Brake Light Connector: Since it is labeled "+" and "-" I assume it is supplying voltage to a "Pilot Light". If so, what voltage is there?

If anyone can enlighten me, it would make my design task easier.

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Re: Controller Feature Explanation needed!

ok, some of these are easy enough I can help with.....

Brake Lever Switch, when these wires are connected, they will interrupt the motor circuit. This is a safety so the motor and brakes are not engaged at the same time. It just goes to a switch in the brake lever, when the lever is gripped, it changes the switch position to closed, and completes the circuit.

Power Light Connector yes, that is a "pilot light" for the dash,, voltage is more than likely 36v, or whatever the controller(battery) voltage is

Brake Light Connector,, it is what it says, that goes to a tail light/brake light,,, again voltage is probably 36volts, and will probably only be active when the brake lever circuit is completed

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