Posting to your V blog using desktop blog editor like MarsEdit or iPad blog editor

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V is for Voltage supports making blog posts as well as forum posts.

Some people prefer using blog editing software like MarsEdit to make blog posts. Thee are dozens of these applications, for Windows, for Mac, for iPad/iPhone, etc. They all rely on blog posting API's to do the blog posts, and V is for Voltage also supports those blog posting API's.

The process is fairly simple, and might just work out of the box depending on the application you're using. I just tried it with MarsEdit and the BlogPress iPad app. Both connected right up to V's blogging service.

The settings are:

Homepage URL: (NOTE: Not
System API: Movable Type API
API Endpoint URL:

In MarsEdit there is an "Auto-Detect from URL" button. You enter the Homepage URL, then click the auto-detect button, and the settings which come up are mostly correct. There is one change to make, and that is the "Blog ID". It enters the number "1" in that field. Change that field to read "blog".

In the BlogPress iPad app it's even simpler. In the Settings area, tap "add another blog", choose the "blog service provider" as Drupal, then enter as the Blog URL, then enter your V user name and password.

The next thing to do is log in using the blogging client. It will ask for a user name and password. You simply enter your V user name and password. You should be logged right in and the blogging app will load your recent blog posts.

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