TTXGP racing on three continents this weekend - Utah, Sweden and Australia

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TTXGP racing on three continents this weekend - Utah, Sweden and Australia

I have traveled to Utah, near Salt Lake City, at the Miller Motorsports park, for the North America TTXGP race. This one will be the final of the season. I haven't gone to the track yet, but I'm sure that Moto Electra and Lightning Motors will be there, and have seen twitter traffic from Brammo and MotoCzysz implying they're also planning to race.

I wrote up an evaluation of the final race at -- -- Basically, Brammo is a shoe-in to win the north america championship. That's largely because the north american series was cut short (two races canceled) and because Lightning and Mission did not race in the Infineon season opener.

It's doubtful that Mission will show up this time. That will leave the race to another contest between MotoCzysz and Lightning, and there's a history of MotoCzysz beating Lightning in the last 100 yards. Both of them have faster bikes than Brammo's so I'm doubtful Brammo will do more than 3rd place.

Lightning is fresh off having set a electric motorcycle land speed record of 215.96 miles/hr. ...

I don't know much about the other two races. The European race is at Karlskoga Sweden, no doubt because of Morris Racing (one of the TTXGP Europe teams). I saw some tweets that perhaps CRP pulled out of this round, and that Himmelmann is racing again for Meunch Racing. CRP and Meunch are the big rivalry in European TTXGP.

I know even less about the Aussie TTXGP. Saw some tweets implying there are three teams, hopefully I'm wrong and there are more.

You should check for more information.

If anybody happens to be at the race look me up. I'll try to post some race reports here in addition to

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