autoshifting electric bike.

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autoshifting electric bike.

I was thinking of using one of the motor kits from on one of the Landrider autobikes. It would be the ultimate lazy persons electric bike. Also I think it would help the rider by selecting the appropriate gear to use for pedal assist.

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Re: autoshifting electric bike.

I see no real benefit.

First of all, more noise.
Bulky motor, standard motor shape.
Need special chain protector or without it, high risk with the front chain if you pedal forward on the chain side.
More mechanical parts, needs more maintenance.
Higher risk that the bike might be stolen since it's bulky design.

Lazy persons bike?
I start the bike(direct drive 350W in rear wheel), the bike reaches a certain speed,and whoops cruise control kicks in.
I stop with pedalling then the cruise controll is disabled.
it I use the brakes , motor switches off.(E-brake)

So what is more lazy?

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