wiring loom help for a novice

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wiring loom help for a novice

Ok so its not a new build strictly speaking but considering what I have to do it properly amounts to the same thing.

Bespoke speed controller on the moped is gone ( runs at full speed with throttle disconnected) and orig spec not available. Need to purchase a generic replacement but having difficulty with spec and wiring loom.

Question one

I think given the speed is restricted to 25mph on this model ( chinese never heard of before type) and that it runs off 3 12v 10AH batteries connected in series, that the maximum power of the motor must be 360W...but there is nothing on the bike that confirms the power rating of the motor. Nor is there anything to tell me whether the motor is brushless and if so which type.

I presume that since only two wires go to the motor and the fact that it is internal to the hub that it is the more straight forward (to connect) brushless type and I would be safe using a replacement 500W controller.

I have a multi-meter but dont have the first idea if I can use this to determine the rating of the motor.

Question Two

I am struggling to understand the wiring loom as it clear uses a common feed to/from the battery for several components and therefore I can find multiple connections to the battery within the loom. The brake sensor starts at the active end with two wires but only one connects to the controller unit ( this plus the multiple connections makes me think the wiring loom is bespoke to the original controller.)

So, best approach to wiring a new controller, I think may be to bin the wiring loom as is ( although I will recycle the sockets and wiring where I can but only after untangling it all and making sure that i have a true complete circuit) and
start from scratch.

Whats the best approach? Am I right in thinking best bet is to start from scratch and connect up each component individually to the new controller in the correct way for that new controller, if neccesary running separate circuits for the switch gear components through the ignition switch?

Question Three
How do I identify which of the three wires running out of the throttle is the signal wire and which is neg and which pos?
( colours are Blue+white/ Yellow+white / Green + Yellow)

See - basically the wiring and controller will be a new build!!!!!!!!!!!!


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