Did I Get The Wrong Controller?

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Did I Get The Wrong Controller?

reposted with the proper Subject this time

Originally I planned on buying a 72 volt controller but because of money I settled for the Alltrax AXE 4834. The AXE is the model that is programmable. The 48 means it's a 48 volt and the 3 means it's 300 amps for those of you not familiar with the Alltrax brand. I landed one for around $150 bucks on eBay ( = score ! )

Anyway I would like to commute on my motorcycle conversion (Suzuki Katana GSX600F) however my top speed is barely 40 MPH with an average of 30 MPH just a bit shy of what I would feel comfortable with on busy city streets. My one way distance is just shy of 10 miles. I weigh a tad bit north of 200 lbs suited up.

I am currently running a 12 tooth front sprocket and a 47 rear. I just ordered a 13 tooth sprocket for the front and it should show up any day now. I know that gearing will help, but I am just trying to avoid any self imposed bottle necks.

When I bought this controller my logic went lie this. Why do I need anything more than the 300 amps if my MARS ME0709 motor is rated at 125 amps continuous and 300 amps peak. Right?

Well what I have learned during my two year conversion is that there is a set of heuristics or rules of thumb one must be aware of in the world of electricity. For instance what we call a 12 volt battery like you find in your car, is anything but, it's really a 13.6 battery and at 12 volts it's considered dead. And one would think at 6 volts it's 50% depleted... WRONG!

Also a 48 volt motor can be "over volted" to say 60 volts. OK, but a controller can not be "over volted" because it will cause a puff of black smoke. And word on the street is that a 300 amp controller may only be a 275 amp controller and a 400 amp controller really only a 350 amp controller, see where I am going with this? Some specs go one way, others the other, it's what keeps me up at night, LOL.

So considering the optimistic marketing specs of controllers would I get more umph out of the next model up i.e. the AXE4844 which runs up to 400 amps? Did I buy the wrong controller?

I know that ultimately I would like to go to the AXE7245 (72 volts, 400 amps) but that will be costly as I will need two more batteries, a different charger, a new solenoid, etc...

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